THE VILLAS Relax & Enjoy The LUX VIEW / 3 Adjacent Identical Villas

Each villa is an open space with 2 queen size beds, fully equipped kitchen, and bathroom. The villas are perfect up to 4 guests.

Lux View Villas Thalassa Villa


A prominent part of Greek mythology, Thalassa, pronounced (thal’-as-sah), is the Greek word for sea. While indulging in your personal pools, there is an astounding intake of the Mediterranean Sea from each of our villas. The view is not only spectacular, but also accompanied by immense tranquility. The Thalassa Villa is located at the east side while facing the ocean.

Lux View Villas Pefkos Villa


Surrounding all of our villas is a plethora of pine trees; a pine tree, Pefkos, pronounced (pev-koh-s), invites longevity, virtue, and solitude. In addition to the rejuvenating ambience, the pine tree is a renowned symbol for the New Year; with a New Year comes a fresh start.The pefkos villa is located at the center.

Lux View Villas Patra Villa


Although a feminine given name popular in countries like: Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Slovakia, Petra, pronounced (pet-rah), derives from the Greek word “petros” which means stone and/or rock. Neighboring the villas are stones/rocks that contribute to the natural atmosphere that is absolutely soothing. The Petra Villa is located at the west while facing the ocean.